Virtual business forum of Estonia and Croatia focused on e-governance and digitalisation

On the 18th of May, the Estonian Foreign Minister Eva-Maria Liimets and the Croatian Foreign and European Affairs Minister Gordan Grlić Radman opened a high-level virtual business forum where experts and entrepreneurs were able to give an insight to the latest developments and create new business contacts between the two countries.

During the forum, emphasis was also given to the importance of public-private partnerships and good coordination as digitalisation is relevant in all fields of life.

Foreign Minister Eva-Maria Liimets noted the great importance Estonia gives to digitalisation as well as cyber security which is of utmost importance in the development of a digitalised country. She also emphasised the unique know-how that the private sector has and the necessity to use quick and tailor-made solutions also during the Covid-19 crisis. She added that the state as well as the companies are always ready to share their experience and know-how with international partners.

“I hope that with all the possibilities available today, more Estonian and Croatian companies will discover each other’s markets, create contacts and facilitate trade. Especially in the digital sphere, which is a priority for both the Estonian and the Croatian government,” Liimets said.

The virtual forum brought together companies who provide various e-governance and digitalisation solutions: Bercman Technologies, GoSwift, Cognuse, CybExer Technologies, LEVERCODE, Turnit, Dermtest and Antegenes from Estonia and Agrivi, Bebabit, Citus, Direct Booker, Flow and Form, Galiot Aero, Infosit, King ICT, Kodeks, Mobilisis, Orqa and Sedam IT from Croatia.

The event is available for viewing:

The virtual forum was organised in cooperation with the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and the Croatian Chamber of Economy with the contributions from the Estonian Chamber of Commerce, the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, the Central State Office for Development of the Digital Society of Croatia, the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunication (ITL), Enterprise Estonia and many others.

Virtual forums are part of business diplomacy events that help Estonian companies make new contacts for entering foreign markets at a time when it is not possible to hold physical visits and meetings.