Personal Details Updates and the Requirement to Notify

Personal Details Updates and the Requirement to Notify

It is necessary to update your information in the Estonian Population Registry in case you recently married, had a child or changed your name. This can also be done at the Estonian Embassy in Prague without any state fees. In order to change your information, it is necessary to bring the following documents to the Embassy or send them to us by post.


  • Original of the birth certificate (translated and apostilled)*
  • Copies of the passports or ID-card of both parents


  • Original of the marriage certificate (translated and apostilled)*
  • Copies of the passports or ID-card of both spouses

Change of name:

  • Document certifying name change
  • Cope of your passport of ID card

* In case you present the original of the family record document (birth, marriage, etc.) together with the multilingual standard form, it is not necessary to have the document apostilled.

An Estonian citizen can also apply for a change of name in Estonia at the Vital Statistics Office in Tallinn. After the name change has been formalized it is possible to apply for a certificate of the Estonian Population Registry confirming the name change.

Birth, marriage and name change documents issued in the Czech Republic have to be apostilled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and a possible list of translators can be found here (the Embassy accepts documents in Estonian, English or Russian).

The original of the document will be returned to you after your data has been updated in the Estonian Population Register. In case you bring the documents to the Embassy in person, you will receive them back right after we have made the necessary copies.

Application for registering permanent residence abroad

Every Estonian national has the obligation to update his/her data in the Estonian Population Register. If an Estonian citizen and his/her underage children permanently live abroad they have the obligation to update their place of residence with their address in that country. If you live in the Czech Republic, Slovenia or Croatia, please fill out the application form and send it digitally signed or scanned by email to [email protected] or by post. It is also possible to update your address online in case you have a valid ID-card, pin-codes and ID-card reader.

You are not obligated to change your address only in case you are staying abroad temporarily.