Virtual business forum of Estonia and Czech Republic focused on innovative digital solutions

On the 12 April, the Estonian Foreign Minister Eva-Maria Liimets and Czech Deputy Foreign Minister Martin Tlapa chaired a high-level virtual forum.

At the forum, the countries presented innovative solutions in e-governance, digitisation and artificial intelligence.

Foreign Minister Eva-Maria Liimets said the global COVID-19 crisis had demonstrated the importance of smart and working digital solutions. Ensuring trust and the security of cyberspace is also crucial for digital development.

“I am very glad that today, together with the Czech deputy foreign minister and companies, we were able to exchange expertise and experience in innovative solutions as well as cybersecurity, where Estonia and the Czech Republic enjoy excellent cooperation. Today’s meeting showed that we can expand our existing cooperation even further,” Liimets said.

The virtual forum brought together e-governance and artificial intelligence technology companies Cognuse, CybExer Technologies, Flowit Estonia, Leanest, LEVERCODE, SK ID SOLUTIONS, DriveX, Ridango, Dermtest and Antegenes from Estonia and Blindspot, DataSentics, Medical Information Technologies, O2 Czech Republic, Resistant, Sefira, Turris, Memsource, Ness Czech and Recombee from the Czech Republic.

The event is available for viewing:

Virtual forums are part of business diplomacy events that help Estonian companies make new contacts for entering foreign markets at a time when it is not possible to hold physical visits and meetings.

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