Applying for Estonian passport and ID card

Applying for Estonian passport and ID card

NB! Updated state fees apply starting from 6 January 2020. More details here.

While abroad, there are three possible options how to apply for a new passport and/or ID card:

In which case do I need to book an appointment and visit the Embassy in person?

  • If you need a new document and if the Police and Border Guard (PPA) indicates that you need to give fingerprints;
  • If your child needs a new document and is at least 12 years old;
  • If you need to empower somebody to pick up your document (the application needs to be submitted while applying for the document as it is not possible to change it afterwards).

Applying via the self-service portal

The most convenient and less expensive way is to apply for the new documents via the self-service portal of the Police and Border Guard (PPA). It is possible to log in with your ID card, mobile-ID or Smart-ID. You can order a new passport, ID-card, or both.

In case indicated by self-service portal that you need to give fingerprints, it is possible to do so at the PPA offices or Embassies of Estonia. If you proceeded with giving fingerprints, you are able to continue with the application at the self-service portal.

Applying by post

A new passport and/or can by ordered by post if you have given fingerprints already during the previous six years.

It is necessary to send both a correctly filled application form as well as the state fee payment confirmation to Estonia by post to the address:

TAOTLUS (application)
Politsei- ja Piirivalveamet (PPA)
Pärnu mnt 139
Tallinn 15060

In addition to the application form and payment confirmation, it is necessary to send a digital document photo to the e-mail address: [email protected].

NB! Before sending the application by post, please make sure that you read the criteria of filling in the application form as is might prolong the procedure in case you have not filled it correctly.

Applying at the Estonian Embassy in Prague

In the event that you need to applying for the document(s) personally at the Embassy, it is necessary to contact the Embassy in advance and book at appointment by either calling us at +420 257 011 180 or by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

You may fill the application at the Embassy or beforehand by printing it and signing it before visiting the Embassy.

At the Embassy, it is possible to pay the state fee by card or cash (Czech koruna or euros). If you wish to pay in cash, please bring an exact amount with you when visiting the Embassy (in case you would like to pay in CZK, please consult with the consul about the exact currency exchange rate). It is also possible to pay the state fee by transaction to Tallinn – in the latter case, please bring with you the confirmation of transaction.

The digital document photo needs to be sent directly to the e-mail address [email protected]. It is not necessary to bring the document photo to the Embassy nor is it possible to take the photo at the Embassy.

Authorisation for receiving the passport and/or ID card

If necessary, it is possible to authorise another person to pick up your document at the Embassy. This is possible to indicate only when applying for the documents at the Embassy of offices of PPA (not later in the process).

The person you would like to authorise has to be an Estonian citizen who has an unexpired Estonian identity document when picking up your document at the Embassy. In addition, the authorised person has to bring with him/her your expired passport and/or ID card when picking up your new documents.

If you would like to pick up the documents of your child who is older than 15 years, he/she needs to indicate this when applying for the document.

Requirements for the digital document photo

The document photo has to be in a digital format and needs to be send to the e-mail address: [email protected] (when sending the e-mail, please indicate the full name and personal identification code or date of birth of the person for whom the document is applied for). In case the person does not use e-mail, it is possible that another person will send his/her photo by using their own e-mail address (e.g. the photographer).

The digital document photo is:

  • in colour;
  • with minimal resolution of 1300×1600 pixels;
  • with minimal size of 1 MB and maximum size of 5 MB;
  • in JPG or JPEG format;
  • not older than 6 months.

More details about the requirements can be found here.

When applying for a document for your child (first document) it is necessary to submit:

  • Filled application form;
  • Filled additional form and
  • Apostilled and translated (Estonian, English or Russian) or multilingual Czech birth certificate together with the written and signed confirmation of the other parent’s consent.


  • All Estonian passports and ID cards are issued by the Estonian Police and Border Guard (PPA) and it is possible to follow the process here.
  • If your ID card is lost or stolen, please suspend your certificates.
  • New documents arrive at the Embassy in about 1-2 months (during busy times, the arrival time can be up to 8 weeks).
  • It is not possible to apply for passport and/or ID card under expedited procedure while abroad. Passport or ID card can only be applied under expedited procedure at PPA offices in Estonia and picked up at offices in Tallinn.
  • Alien’s passport can only be applied for in PPA offices in Estonia.